Jerry Phillips





This is being shared with the BBB from Irene Phillips regarding how Jerry and she have worked in the mobile home business for more than thirty years.


In the early 1980's Jerry & Irene started work with his brother in Fayetteville, NC. and  shortly after that they opened their first lot in Sanford, NC., and business opportunity bought them to Columbus, GA..  During these years Jerry was acquainted with several Manufactured home companies and individuals who had good leadership and integrity with their business.


Jerry has always gone above and beyond to please the customers, he has sold mobile homes to customers both  near and far to the Columbus area.  He has supported non profit organizations through out the years, even going to “Jail” to raise funds for organizations to help out, see picture number 2.  Other pictures show other homes and adventures taken with other companies and Preferred Homes over the years.


We had hard times and we had good times.  There was a time when we put everything we had in the business and kept on praying!  Looking back, I think that was our test in time.  Put your faith in God and trust Him.  We did, and things began to happen!  We now can help people in our community who need help, because of our faith.


Jerry's the type of person who has to be in 10 different places at once.  That is how he got the nickname Casper the Ghost!  You would be talking to him in the office and the next thing you know he was nowhere to be seen.  His first cell phone was as big as a shoebox and weighed at least 10 lbs.  Now he has an Iphone!


His accomplishment in the mobile home business is one of a kind.  He not only is a very good business person but he can do it all.  His latest accomplishment is getting his Certified Drivers License.  He has all the big rig equipment to do any job that comes along and he does not have to wait for anyone to take on site.  His sons play with the big rigs too!


Jerry and I have been married for 41 years and have worked together for almost 33 years.  We have two married sons who grew up in the mobile home business and know that is is hard work.  We also have two grandsons and the youngest want's to drive the big rigs too!  Jerry and I are very involved in our church and our community.  He always has been a giving person expecting nothing in return.


As for me and my house, we serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15